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Stash Concentrates is a lifestyle cannabis company that values providing exemplary cannabis based products to the Oregon cannabis market for medical and recreational consumers. Stash is a collective of visionaries and connoisseurs dedicated to advancing the cannabis experience for all types and styles of consumers. Gaining an illustrious reputation for their fine cannabis concentrates, Stash Concentrates has established a high level statement that their products are just as useful and helpful to both recreational customers and medical patients.

Stash Concentrates Death Star Bubble Hash is an indica dominant strain with 75/25 indica and sativa effects. Death Star is a cross of the two classic heavy hitter strains; Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. Stash Death Star Bubble Hash has a lightweight powdery and waxy consistency that’s easy to work with. Tinted tan brown in color, Stash Death Star Bubble Hash isn’t wet to the touch or completely dry. When scooped onto a bowl, Death Star Bubble Hash crumbles into a kiefy powder that is relatively easy to also add to prerolls or sandwich between some flower.

The aroma and flavor of Death Star is fairly sharp with earthy and skunky notes accompanied with gaseous diesel and undertones of Cherry Cola. These combinations of flavors make for compelling and out of this world elation. With Death Star Bubble Hash from Stash Concentrates carrying an exceptionally pungent and aromatic essence, the scent will linger in whatever room it was smoked  in for at least a few hours. With that being said, Death Star isn’t the strain to use for lowkey smoke sessions.

Stash Death Star Bubble Hash is an added perk to sprinkle generously on top of a bowl to enhance an ordinary smoking experience. Death Star Bubble Hash from Stash Concentrates gives consumers the ability to unwind and stay relaxed with an equally liberating mental high. Stash Death Star Bubble Hash can be well matched with any kind of down time but is ideal for sitting back and enjoying any of the classic Star Wars films.

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