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Stash Concentrates DBLC Sugar Wax is created through a proprietary extraction and purging method that results in a “rock candy” consistency that is slightly saucy and has a gold-colored tint. DBLC, also known as Death By Lemon Citral, is an indica with unknown genetics exclusive to Stash Concentrates. Testing at 79.1% THC, DBLC Sugar Wax supplies a well rounded body high and mellow but equally euphoric cerebral stimulation.

The initial skunky and pungent fragrance of the DBLC Sugar Wax will remind consumers of fresh fire wood or a newly lit campfire. Secondary notes are hidden at first but smell of lemon pepper wings. The invigorating aroma from the Death By Lemon Citral Sugar Wax is to be savored like a glass of Arnold Palmer on a humid day in July and will consume the taste buds and the room after just a single dab. DBLC will leave consumers wanting more just on flavor alone. The taste is almost unimaginable, just like the scent of DBLC Sugar Wax the flavor can be likened to that of a lemonhead or lemon flavored starburst.

Although the lineage of this highly potent strain is undefined, Death by Lemon Citral may not the preferred strain of choice for novice users or first time dabbers who have yet to develop a distinguished tolerance to strong THC effects. For dabbers on the more seasoned side are more likely to be up for a forceful body buzz and a cumbersome but easy going head high. At the onset, DBLC from Stash gives users a prominent cerebral high that stimulate focus and a sense of euphoria. The overall effects of the DBLC Sugar Wax are definitely soothing and relaxing, but powerful enough to assist with chronic pain, stress, or muscle tension. DBLC is great to take your mind off your troubles; the sweet exhale will induce users with happy thoughts and remove mental strain.

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