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Stash Concentrates DBLC Budder Wax is produced when the extracted cannabinoids start to crystallize after being agitated during the extraction process. By strategically whipping the concentrate material during the purging process the concentrate transforms from a shatter-like substance into a beautiful, fluffy Budder Wax that’s perfect for dabbing.

DBLC, also known as Death By Lemon Citral, is an indica with unidentified genetics that delivers a kick to the gut body high and an identically stimulating mental buzz. Stash Concentrates DBLC Budder has a smooth whipped peanut butter consistency. The creamy glossy texture makes it simple to get a precise amount of dabs that will appease any and all consumer preferences. The hue of the DBLC Budder Wax from Stash is a shimmery golden chestnut with a polished terpy glaze. Not just rich in color, DBLC has a deep citrusy pine type terpene profile and is highly flavorful compared to most indica strains.  

The profound aroma of the DBLC Budder Wax has elements of fresh wintergreen and soft notes of lemon zest. The intoxicating fragrance from the Death By Lemon Citral Budder Wax will overload the senses with sweet citrus terpenes that are similar to grapefruit or lemon meringue pie.

Morning dabbers might want to take it easy if with this stunningly potent indica that tests at 74.2% THC and 1.62% CBD. Those partial to having a productive start to the day should consider splitting their normal dab in half. This DBLC Budder Wax from Stash Concentrates is ideal for nighttime dab sessions with a group of friends. The buzz lasts more than a couple hours after a few dabs, so a gram will take a handful of rounds to finish off. Stash Budder Wax is best used for dabbing, but also pairs well will flower to enhance the smoking experience for users.