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It’s the beginning of January and the air is so crisp it’s almost breathtaking. The thought of lighting up outside sounds painful, so you stay indoors and break out your bong instead. As far as getting rid of the weed smell after hot boxing your house, it can pose somewhat of a challenge. There’s only a handful of products that sort of cover up and mask the aroma of a blunt or recently smoked buds. Febreeze and fragrances work some of the time, but they’re definitely overrated when going toe to toe with the musky smell of sticky herb. However, after testing Spray 420, this product is hands down the best odor eliminator the industry has seen.

Spray 420 is a quick fix for pretty much any smell in your home or car. It’s even safe to be used for your hair and clothes. To test the spray, we took to rolling a few joints and smoking a few bowls in one of our friend’s studio apartment. Trust me; it got smokey. Immediately we grabbed the can of Spray 420 and  sprayed 3 to 4 times to clear the room and make the weed smell completely vanish.  The air smelled like clean laundry but it wasn’t so too overpowering for our nose hairs.

We were undeniably floored that it literally took about 20 to 30 seconds for the smell to dissipate. On the website it says that the spray should resemble fresh linen and that’s exactly how we all described it. Even though the room was still a little smokey, we acknowledge the fact that the product isn’t a smoke reducer. After about 5 minutes and a visit to the refrigerator, the whole apartment had back its fresh clean scent.

One of the really interesting pieces we learned about this product is that it doesn’t just cover up odors with a perfume, it actually attaches to odor molecules and damages each molecule at its source. This permanently removes the smell. Spray 420 is also environmental friendly, is CFC-free and ozone-friendly. Some of the additional benefits are listed below:

  1. CFC Free and Ozone Friendly
  2. Designed neutral for men and women
  3. Safe around pets
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Eliminates odor, not just a cover up


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