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Farmers at Heart

“Our Cannabis production is nestled amid an organic vegetable operation that has been supplying chefs and families in the Willamette Valley for almost 20 years” Hoyle says. Maybe you’ve heard of Moto Perpetuo farms because they provide veggies to some of the top restaurants in Portland. Maybe it’s because they run a CSA for over 200 families. Additionally recognized by Mommy blog, Lil’ Mamas as a farm with integrity. It seems people are catching on to the fact that farmers grow some of the best cannabis. There’s a good chance if you haven’t heard of Moto Perpetuo, you’ll spot their flower at your favorite shop soon.
We especially like their commitment to quality. Carrying over the values they apply to the rest of their operation directly to cannabis. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t some tomato farmers giving a shot at cannabis. All around recognized from Portland to the coast as quality cannabis. Lighting up a Joint of Sasquatch,  a mix of farm exclusive strain Cascade and Gorilla Glue is pungent enough to grab the attention of nearly everyone at the outdoor concert.
Tom Grubbs, David Hoyle, and Dave Tyson have built quite the reputation as quality farmers and now we’re starting to see a roll out of their prerolls, flower concentrates and now cartridges. All selected to honor the flower grown there at the farm. The OG Kush cartridges do an especially nice job of capturing that spiced and refreshing scent of the flower. The crystal clear oil looks better than almost any other cartridge on the shelves, potent distillate cut only with terpenes from the actual plant.
This crew is working hard to produce quality cannabis for all of Oregon. This includes working hard to fight for the normalization of cannabis. It turns out the best way to do that is to offer a product that people love. When you find something you can rely on the work speaks for itself.