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If you have yet to find a solution for smoking indoors without leaving behind that weed smell your roommate keeps complaining about, the Sploofy has found a way to facilitate and simplify your stoner needs.  The Sploofy is an effective device that claims to have the ability to remove the smoke and odor from your cannabis whether in a bong or in a vaporizer. It’s a valuable product for cannabis connoisseurs and is a value itself at under $20. The Sploofy is an odor free (scentless), smokeless charcoal filter system created and designed explicitly to completely eliminate and wipe out the excess residue when smoking or vaporizing marijuana.

The complete device comes with an additional spring foam washer. There are no directions included with the Sploofy but they can be easily found online and the device is pretty much self explanatory. This super cool gadget has an exterior sleeve and large comfortable mouthpiece made of shatter-proof polycarbonate with an flexible adjustable airflow exhaust. The cartridge inside has active charcoal known to be an effective and safe filtering aggregate and is fully replaceable. The additional cartridges are sold separately for an incredibly low cost than the Sploofy device itself providing ongoing use and value.

The device is adaptable and compatible for any way you would like to smoke or vaporize marijuana, even better it’s as easy as simply exhaling through the Sploofy device with your mouth pressed tightly against the mouthpiece to seal the smoke from leaking out. The Sploofy does an excellent job of eliminating and getting rid of the smoke and the odor altogether even when you cough and force the air through quickly. It’s almost extraordinary how useful and effective the Sploofy is. Even though the name came from the standard Sploof device made with a paper towel roll and fabric softener sheets there is no comparison, mainly because the Sploofy actually works!


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