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Two days ago, we tried out a strain with an unknown lineage and came up impressed. Today, we’ve stumbled upon another mystery strain, this time with a pleasantly fruity bouquet. The Sour Berry Kush strain gives us a few clues to its genetics in the name, but neither Leafly nor our otherwise knowledgeable budtender were able to tell us for sure. The experience is akin to some Super Sour OG that we’ve tried, and we’re willing to bet the two share some similar genetics.


We picked up this grow at the hard to beat Khaleafa in deep SE Portland. From Rim Rock Farms, the Sour Berry Kush came in medium sized buds, low in density, but not leafy. Light in color, they’re most notable for their abundance of reddish pistils. The extremely pleasant, haze reminiscent aroma is true to the strain’s name, with fruit forward and a subtle sour finish. Connesiuers of terpy goodness will be enthused by the fragrance profile of this berry bonanza. If we had to guess, we’d say we smelled blackberry kush and sour diesel somewhere in the family tree, but no promises.
Despite the Sour Berry Kush strain being sold to us as a indica dominant hybrid, we found remarkably balanced effects, akin to a very high energy indica. We’re stuck inside as temperatures fall below freezing, but if we were more adventurous – or the thermometer were a few notches higher – the strain would be a great companion on a hike. And although many yogis might fault our stoned yoga, we think this would pair well with your next surya namaskar. Anybody who’s looking for a potent full body high without the sluggishness often associated with pure indicas would do well to try out this heavy hitter.