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Smoke Weed Everyday: A SWED.CO Spotlight

It’s a tall task to be considered Gresham’s favorite dispensary but SWED.CO has rightfully made their mark as a hub for all cannabis enthusiasts within the flourishing cannabis community. Located in the heart of Gresham and home of the Farm2Flame craft cannabis cultivated by Ripped City Gardens, SWED.CO encompasses the “Smoke Weed Every Day” mentality and motto that keeps their customers coming back for more. We stopped in to take a closer look at their showroom of fine vertically integrated Farm2Flame flower and get some deeper insight from the SWED.CO staff about what it really means to Smoke Weed Every Day.

DL: How did you come up with the name and concept of SWED.CO and what does it represent as an overall brand?

SWED. SWED.CO stands for Smoke Weed Every Day

DL: At SWED.CO how do you ensure that each customer has an authentic and positive experience?

SWED: Compassion is a huge part of what we do, a lot of this is about passion for us. We come in here just as excited as our customers our about our strains and products. For example; the Quad Dawg is one of the strains from Ripped City that the budtenders have been itching to get their hands on just as much as the customers. It’s not so much about that we are the local hookup and recognized in the area but that we really care about our customers.

DL: What is the SWED.CO main mission as a company and a brand?

SWED: To put forth that mentality of “Weed should be different”. It shouldn’t be like alchohol because weed can be constued as medicine or even taking the edge off your day. We want to get out there and continue to make the connection with our customer base on a weed basis and a personal one too.

DL: Where do you see cannabis trends going in the next 2-5 years?

SWED: I think it is going to be more demographical and based on the method of consumption as well as frequency of use. We have people that come in solely for prerolls and then customers who say they went from only eating edibles to cartridge only consumption. At one point twax joints were really popular and you would see them all over town and now the preroll packs are really trendy. Its that cycle of evolution of refining how you’re taking your doses.

DL: What are some of your staff picks and favorite products available at SWED.CO?

SWED: Quad Dawg and Super Glue from Ripped City Gardens as well as Ultra Violet from Looking Glass Farms are some of budtender favorites.

DL: How do you decide which brands and producers you work with and which products make it to the menu? What goes into making your menu more striking and top drawer in order to peak the interest of consumers?

SWED: A lot of what you”l find here is determined by the quality of the farm. For example, the top 3 brands you’ll find here are Ripped City Farms, Looking Glass, and Three-Finger Farms. Our budtenders do get to try out samples, and Charlie (the owner) will listen to us. There’s been quite a few times when we told him, “I wouldn’t smoke that if you paid me”. But we’re realistic, so we used to have $10 top shelf pre-rolls, and we brought those down to $8 and even brought in $4 joints, or 3 for $10, based on customer feedback. It’s also about excitement. For example our newest strain is Pink Scout Cookies, which is Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Lady. Absolutely beautiful, has this beautiful grapefruit citrus smell.

DL: How do you use brand awareness to create a recognizable brand in the fairly competitive Oregon cannabis industry?

SWED: We have those folks who come in for Ripped City. Stacy (owner Ripped City & SWED.CO) has been in the community a long time. He’s a second-generation grower, so there is his reputation. But I think the majority of what brings people to SWED.CO is our compassion and knowledge. The fact that our budtenders care about the products that we sell. More than that, we care about our customers. Our best way to get people coming back in is to take time to listen and ask questions. Like “Hey, are you more sativa, hybrid, indica?” Little stuff like that.

DL: What are some challenges you’ve faced as an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry?

SWED: One of the biggest challenges we’ve had is the THC value. I try to explain it like THC is the raw psychotropic, and think of terpenes as the indicator of what kind of high you’ll get. We just like to make sure our customers make an informed decision and get the right product for them. And a lot more people are coming in who realize that it’s not just THC, it’s the CBD, the terpenes.

DL: SWED.CO seems to have that showroom style atmosphere with various craft cannabis options, do you focus solely on providing craft cannabis and cannabis infused products?

SWED: From the Ripped City perspective, I’d say it is craft cannabis. They have a high standard for their process. But it’s not just about what we think is the highest quality cannabis. We stop by other dispensaries like Cannabis Nation, Kaleafa, or Oregon’s Best Buds to see what’s selling there, so it’s really more about bringing in what the community wants.

Our visit to SWED.CO was enlightening to say the least. With so many dispensaries around Portland, it’s good to know that Gresham has such a customer and community-focused shop. Relaxed, friendly vibes, and budtenders who are armed with cannabis knowledge to guide you to exactly what you need. Strong roots in the cannabis community, a genius name that will have you repeating “SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY”, and a dedicated, informative staff – SWED.CO is one of our personal favorite spots to stop in on those days when we want to get ripped. Which, of course, is every day.