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We recently ended up with a bit of the Sirius Black strain in the Daily Leaf office. We’ve seen in around town but haven’t, until now, got our hands on any. While purple marijuana has gone through waxing and waning periods of popularity, the received wisdom at this point seems to be that for most strains, grow conditions that optimize the purple character of the buds don’t always make for the highest potency. All the same, we were excited to try this deeply purple bud, which looks unlike anything we’ve ever smoked before. The weed scientists at the Oregon Breeders’ Group that are behind these genetics are keeping mum about their origins, so we can’t say if the strain is one of the few that produces well under purple optimizing conditions, but we’re guessing so. Because this Sirius Black strain gets the official Daily Leaf seal of approval.

When we look at strains that tend towards purple, they’re often predominantly green with violet and purple embellishments, most commonly at the tips of each petal. The Sirius Black strain flips this script, with flower that is almost entirely purple with only the faintest marbling of greens and sages. The fragrance is readily apparent without being overwhelming, a sweet base tone overlaid with an earthy finish with distinctly peppery notes. A fine, sugary coating covers the small, dense buds, which are dotted with short amber pistils.
The pepperiness of the bud comes through after combustion and although this Sirius Black strain is going to hit you a little slow, when it comes on, it comes on heavy with a super low key buzz that lodges deeply in the body. This is some real couch lock type of product, so you probably don’t want to hit it before your next hike. But when you’re looking for a chilled out buzz that’ll make your friends flip out over your rainbow colored bud, the Sirius Black strain is a top notch pick.