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Now that it’s 2016, employers are a little more open and understanding when it comes to new ways to create an efficient workplace environment. Flexible hours. Better Vacation policies. Working from home even. It probably sounds too good to be true, there’s a new trend and employers are allowing it- sometimes even encouraging – employees to consume cannabis while still on the clock?

Getting blazed at work has apparently been a favored pastime for a long time running in Silicon Valley – and some of the most elite and highest-performing executives in the world have said it seems to be working just fine. Here’s why businesses in legal (and states considering legalization) areas might want to consider a you-only-live-once approach.

  1. Promotes productivity – to a certain degree

Chronic weed smoker and Descartes Labs CEO, Mark Johnson, told Bloomberg that most progress-thinking tech employers “just don’t care.” Says Johnson, “if you do, you don’t need to hide it; and if you don’t, you accept that there are people around you that do.” Of course, not just anyone can pull a 15-hour day after a wake ‘n’ bake: in order to make more of a free enterprise kind of approach to workplace weed feasible, you need trustworthy employees that you know won’t go overboard.

  1. Sparks outside-the-box thinking

Who’s had a really great idea and also happened to be super stoned? Most of us have and sometimes the ideas actually turn out to be pretty good, even once the haze has lifted. Kyle Sherman of Flowhub, a cannabis industry software firm, spoke with CNN Money, “if it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work […] It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things.” It’s pretty well known that for some smokers cannabis can actually make that light bulb in your head shine a little brighter. It can help fire up inspiration, and companies in divisions that involve tons of creativity seem to benefit from relaxing their attitude.

  1. Can make vibes more chill

If weed’s a regular part of a your everyday life, it’s most likely because it makes you feel relaxed, less anxious, and ten times more comfortable with the people you’re surrounded by. While being interviewed by CNN, Isaac Dietrich (founder of MassRoots) mentioned that he arranges and schedules weekly rooftop smoke sessions in order to facilitate strategic planning and employee team-building.

     4. Empowers and encourages employees

If your employee are happy, act like they actually want to be there, and are consistently getting stuff done, why be insistent on how they do it? If you’re lucky enough to have a staff full of vibrant, skillful, creative employees, there’s no doubt they will be more grateful when their employer respects their work styles and trusts them to make good decisions. Draconian drug policies – on the exception that they are necessary to keep people safe (say, when operating heavy equipment or looking after children) drive away great people. Permitting responsible cannabis use gives employees more freedom and legroom to make decisions when it’s appropriate to do it.

     5. Takes it into the mainstream

Folks in the cannabis industry: this is your big chance. If you believe that cannabis use is part of a healthy, productive lifestyle, why not put your money where your mouth is terms of your company policy? But regardless of how retrograde you personally believe zero-tolerance policies to be, the final say still rests with the boss, even in legal states. As lawyer Andrew Schpak explains to Oregon Live:”One of biggest things is that employers need to remind employees what their existing policies are around testing and tolerance. Just because you have a right to enjoy marijuana recreationally, that doesn’t change an employer’s policies.”

If you’re lucky, you have a boss that forgoes the enforcement of drug policies altogether. As lawyer Scott Hunt says in the same interview. “There are certain type [of] work environments that depend on creativity and if they are small enough businesses, and the owners are part of that culture, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. There’s nothing that says an employer can’t look the other way.”


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