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We scored some exclusive top drawer Best Budz flower recently, partaking in a spring spirited smoke session with The Daily Leaf crew and there is something to be said about the way this premier bud is cultivated. Adopting an aeroponic method to harvest four-star strains, Best Budz grows cannabis plants using absolutely no medium for the roots. This approach to hydroponic gardening utilizes the suspension of the roots in the air so the nutrients and water can be delivered through a system that continually mists the roots. The end result are gloriously radiant hard-hitting buds of fire.

Sherbet is considered to be the prince of the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana monarchy that was originally bred by the Cookie Fam. Combining two potent parents, Sherbert enhances the original king Girl Scout Cookies’ flavor profile with Sherbinski’s queen known as Pink Panties. The flavors that flare from the foliage of Sherbet flower are as prominent as the frosty tips of the fluffy lime green nugs. The aroma from Best Budz’ Sherbet resembles the trademark skunkiness that’s quickly followed by the classic cookie dough fragrance. Smoking Sherbet releases earthy notes mixed with mint and dark chocolate that produces a savory smoking experience.

From the very first inhale to the fizzled out roach, Sherbet is like sitting in satisfaction while sipping on a rich flavored mint chocolate mocha. The long-lasting high achieved from Sherbet is one that tends to take on a life of its own with lunging facial sensations and equally spellbinding couch-locking body related effects. It will be hard to kickback the cravings of the cloned fresh-baked cookie terps and the instantly imperious high-handed relaxing euphoria. Although this strain may be familiar to smokers that have had their hand in the cookie jar, Best Budz’ Sherbet is only available at three dispensaries in Oregon and continues to be an exclusive strain that is in high demand. Sherbet from Best Budz can be found at Oregon Cannabis Outlet, Re-leaf, and Greenbuds.

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