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One of the most talked about edible brands in the Oregon cannabis market these days is a company called She Don’t Know.  These gluten-free treats made with real ingredients have been finding their way into a lot of the retail locations The Daily Leaf works with, so decided to explore the product line to see how potent these little bite sized bad boys were.

The current product line of She Don’t Know sits with their staple Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookie, along with Tokeless B. Coconut Cake Balls, and their newest product C’est La Herb Gluten-Free Cracker Squares.

With each cookie and cake ball coming in at 5mg a piece (crackers were 2-3 crackers for 5mg,) we had a good amount of ammo to start slow and work our way up in dosage as the evening progressed. You can definitely control how high you want to be with all of these edibles.

Your local Daily Leaf corresponder started with 2 chocolate chip cookies, which were nothing short of awesome! These two bite cookies taste wonderful, and have a perfect balance of brown sugar and chocolate chips. They can definitely hit you hard if you keep popping and end with an empty mylar bag.

For sake of continuing on with the taste test we did not finish the bag, and continued on to the most intriguing of the edible line for myself, the C’est La Herb Crackers.  These small crackers weigh in at 2.5MG’s of THC a pop and pack a mouth full of flavor. They can be consumed in large amounts and addicting so be careful, because the THC will definitely add up. Kind of remind me of a healthy CHEEZ-IT and have some serious flavor.

Now about 2 hours in, and about 20 mg dosed I started to feel my body get a little heavy.  Creeping on was a body high that was not lethargic in nature, but more that of a wobbly feeling, numbing out the pain from the 10 mile run from the morning.

Knowing that the affects were starting to present themselves and hunger was kicking in, I decided to round off the evenings tastings with the Tokeless B. Coconut Cake Balls.  Being that I am a big fan of coconut, and was getting the munchies, I decided to make myself a bowl of granola and coconut milk. Rightfully so I took three cake balls and broke them up and added in the snack.  She Don’t Know how effin good that snack was!

You can find She Don’t Know edibles all over Oregon in your favorite local dispensary.  Check back with The Daily Leaf for more updates on specials, deals, and new products from the She Don’t Know product line