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We recently caught up with Shadowbox Farms, a producer of fine cannabis in Oregon, who gifted us with samples of a fresh crop of their strain Cookies and Cream.

Cookies and Cream is an evenly balanced 50/50 hybrid and one hundred percent an enjoyable, body relaxing, smoke. With the strain being a cross between Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies, the lineage speaks for itself.

When I took the first hit the taste surprised and reminded me of the chocolate and cream hard candy. In the initial inhale you have the sugary and sweet thin mint taste of Girl Scout Cookies, which then turns into the mellow and earthy, almost lavender, after roll of Starfighter. Once you smoke this bud you will realize that Shadowbox Farms knows what they are doing with their crops.  It’s no surprise they won this past years Dope Industry Award for Best Outdoor / Greenhouse Grow.

The strain itself, Cookies and Cream has won awards as other producers have had their phenotypes win first place as the hybrid strain at cannabis events such as the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.

Shadowbox Farms’ rendition of this euphoric hybrid completely took the cake, or you could say cookies, for taste and effect. Opened just a little over a year ago Shadowbox Farms is making a name for themselves in dispensaries across Oregon. Cookies and Cream luckily is just one of multiple strains they supply.

Smoking this was very smooth to hit and didn’t supply the overwhelming stony high most indica strains do. It wasn’t until half way through doing yard work that I realized, I felt great! I had no aches or pains, as I regularly do, and I was purely motivated to work without feeling tired. I found that I was able to do multiple things at once and still remain focused on the massive project ahead. Four to five hours of what should have felt like hard work later, it was decided, this was a great weed to lift you up and take care of your body.

Hands down if your looking for a tasty treat, an awesome ability to relax the muscles, and a restful night’s sleep, smoking this sweet hybrid will not disappoint. Once you try this strain from Shadowbox Farms you will find yourself adding it to your favorites list.