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I was pretty stoked to try Select’s new distillate cartridges. Their Elite line is a whole range of potent cannabis distillate, averaging well into the high end of 80% in THC content. This pen delivers a toke calibrated for a maximum enjoyment. Finally, a vapor pen that delivers potent vapor instead of burning out or battery dying before you get your dosage dialed in.

Elite represents Select’s offering for their most discerning consumer. Those that want best in class airflow and expect their distillate to be clean and potent. Served up in both terpene infused flavors like Super Silver Haze and in lip smacking fruit flavors like Blueberry or Watermelon. There’s an option for folks who like the effect of specific strains. Another for those that just need something tasty for a trip to the coast. Speaking of, with Select’s presence across the state there’s an excellent chance that your local shop carries a nice selection of their cartridges.

Elite offers up an even more potent vape experience

Considering that each toke from this tiny cartridge is four or five times the potency of a hit of flower, it’s ideal to take a hit or two and put it away or pass it to a friend without your high-tolerance buddy hogging it all night.

And then again at brunch. Select, on the cusp of the cartridge tech boom, is constantly iterating their product. Their premium battery option fully charges in just over an hour and lasts through any outing short of an all-day concert. Even then, any old USB port will get you up and running again in as little as fifteen minutes. The cartridge itself is constructed of slick glass and American made steel with an ultra absorbent Japanese cotton wick. I’ve clumsily dropped their cartridge on hard tile floors only to thankfully swoop it up for another premium hit. Not to mention the high temps we’ve been experiencing. Not once did I experience a leaking or sticky cartridge.

For concentrates on the go, it’s hard to beat these easy to hit Elite pens. Excelling with full flavor and pronounced effect. Half the fun is trying the new flavors and limited edition runs. Keep your eyes peeled for Elite flavors hitting shelves far and wide on the west coast.