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Let’s Get Social!

Select Strains just launched their new line, Social. A low potency cannabis vape designed for any occasion. Instead of the skyrocketing potency of other products (and believe me, there’s a spot for those too) this one-time-use vape offers up a nice, mellow hit of THC. These easy to use, pre-charged, compact and ready to go pens are the easiest solution we’ve found for taking a couple of discreet puffs.

Speaking of discreet, each draw produces a gentle amount of vapor. A visual indicator that you got a nice draw, not a lung busting coughing fit. Add that there is no fiddle factor, just give it a light inhale to activate the battery, along with the light on the end, another handy but still discreet visual indicator. You can puff and puff, even go ahead and pass. This thing is called social for a reason.

Available in four flavors now, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Vanilla. These things aren’t trying to approximate a specific strain’s flavor. Just make your quick toke on the go as pleasing as possible. Sweet on the inhale and fruity on the exhale, a couple of 5 second draws is plenty to leave you feeling satiated and satisfied.

Ready to Go

Each pen is prefilled and ready to last through about 150 draws. Plenty for an entire weeks worth of birthday activities (we all have that friend). Or simply to grab if you’re just popping into town for the weekend. Finding, grinding, and combusting flower has its place but that’s probably not in your hotel room. Social is great for that toke on the go, but pretty great to puff on solo before kicking back on the couch. The perfect party favor or hostess gift to deliver with a wink. I can’t wait to get my hands on each flavor to pick a favorite.