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For those who enjoy the ease and convenience of popping a cartridge into a battery and firing up, lately a reliable source may have been hard to find. With a shifting regulatory landscape, many cartridge manufacturers are struggling to get units onto shelves. But as regular Daily Leaf readers will know, Select Strains has succeeded in consistently delivering high quality product. Last week, the Portland based extract company released their new elite cartridge and dabbable line. Select Strains Elite cartridges deliver high potency terpene infused clear distillate in a stylish steel and glass presentation.

We went home with three Elite cartridges; a strain specific Durban Poison, a watermelon flavor, and a tangerine flavor. Each of the three tested at 81% THC. We’ve heard from budtenders all over town (and this is real, Select Strains didn’t put us up to this) that there are no cartridges regularly available on the Oregon market with a lower failure rate than those from Select Strains. We don’t go through enough cartridges to say, but we’ll take the budtenders at their word.
Our favorite was the Durban Poison. The sativa’s distinct sweetness came through in oil, perhaps due to the Elite line’s terpene infusion. After distillation, in which some flavor can be lost, Select Strains infuses the distillate with cannabis derived terpenes, to ensure a full body to both the flavor profile and the high. We also tremendously enjoyed the tangerine flavor, which had a natural, fruity zest. Although we were less enamored of the Jolly Rancher resemblance of the watermelon flavored cartridge, we think it’ll come in handy. Whereas the strain specific cartridges have a distinctly cannabis aroma, the fruity bouquet of some of the flavored cartridges is reminiscent of many ecigarettes. For down-low vaping in public places, this one is our first official Daily Leaf Smokers Spy Club selection.