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A pilot program for legal marijuana home-delivery services in Seattle is in the process of being created by a Washington state House bill.  

The program would grant five established licensed recreational marijuana shops in Seattle to provide delivery services to residents (21+) in Washington state, according to Mayor Ed Murray’s office. The program would also supply a basic structure for delivery specifications, employee training and enforcement. In addition, recreational pot shop employees would also be required to undergo training on proper verification of IDs.

Regardless of the current law, numerous online agencies have been continuing to offer illegal delivery services, undermining the legal marijuana market approved by Washington State voters. For the city, the primary focus and concern right now is to get rid of the illegal delivery services as potential laws regulating legal deliveries make their way through the state legislature.

The mayor as well as fellow politicians want to eradicate illegal delivery services while also moving towards a regulated delivery program for legal marijuana. This goal is to have a regulated program that “will better protect customers, patients and business owners, while strengthening the legal marijuana industry,” according to the mayor’s statement on Jan. 19.

“We must address illegal delivery services that are undermining I-502 and allow responsible businesses to offer delivery service in Seattle,” said Murray. “The proposed pilot delivery program, along with increased enforcement of existing marijuana laws, will better protect customers, patients and business owners, while strengthening the legal marijuana industry.”

Since the approval of I-502 in 2012, Seattle has opened nineteen legal recreational marijuana retail stores. According to the mayor’s office, illegal delivery services are still outnumbering legal retail stores, having an increase of an approximately 24 services.

Legal recreational and medical marijuana business owners have requested the city take action against these illicit services, claiming that illegal marijuana delivery is hurting the legal market.

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