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Newsweek and The Huffington Post reported earlier last week that the Seattle-based marijuana retailer, Solstice, is got prepped and ready early for this year’s Super Bowl by rolling 12,000 joints! Any guesses on what they called their special promotion pack? Yeah you guessed right, as a homage to the Seahawks (the defending Super Bowl champs unfortunately are not hosting this year’s landmark Super Bowl XLIX) who took a disappointing loss a couple weeks back, the “12th pack” is a compliment to the”12th man”. For anyone who isn’t a Seahawks fan or just don’t watch football, the phrase “12th man” comes from the nickname Seahawk fans earned for being extra rambunctious while showing support for the team during games.

Joe Santucci, sales director at Solstice, told The Huffington Post that his employees ended up using about 6,000 grams of cannabis (that’s a little over 13 pounds) for the monster of a joint-rolling project.

An exclusive Seahawks fusion of Blueberry Cheesecake and Headband is what you can find in your 12 pack of prerolls, which you can purchase at their storefront for about $70. Solstice has high hopes that their special “Seahawks” blend will be available in their shop by next season to recreational users in the Seahawks’ stomping grounds.

Solstice released its special Super Bowl 12th Man pack of pre-rolled joints last week. They sold out within minutes after the promotional video for the joints was publicized.

The deluxe edition joints are currently only available to medical marijuana patients for now, Santucci said. The shop will “absolutely” have the product available for recreational users next year, once Solstice opens its first licensed retail processing facility later in 2015.