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Scouts Honor from Sugarbud is an indica dominant hybrid that comes from the Kush family. A cross of OGKB (OG Kush Breath) and OG Kush, Scouts Honor has dense resinous nuggets that are bright green and beaming with purple leaves that look as if they’ve been dipped in a thick layer of trichomes. As one of Sugarbud’s award winning strains, Scouts Honor has been saluted by users that enjoy a euphoric relaxation combined with a veil of gratification.

Scouts Honor exudes an extremely pungent, earthy aroma that’s under coated by a sweetness that smells like a rack of chocolate chip cookies cooling off. The terpene profile is hard to pin down on this one, as a tame herbal pine flavor radiates that’s mildly spicy upon exhale. Scouts Honor could be considered a strain that’s both savory and sweet, it’s scent is sure to stick around in the air for a few hours.

Scouts Honor doesn’t have the creeper effect like some OG hybrids. The immediate cerebral buzz of the Scouts Honor starts right under the eyes and settles into the base of the chin. Users may feel a deep sense of euphoria that’s heavy rooted at first, as the body high drops them off into a state of calm that feels like taking a warm bath relaxing all the senses. As the physical state settles into total tranquility, the mind will experience a rush of ingenuity that will spark the imagination without swaying any energy. If smoked in the later hours of the evening, users have the potential to drift off into a dream-like state. The powerful indica effects of the Scouts Honor are far from underrated, this heavy hitter is a great alternative for the experienced user suffering from conditions such as stress, chronic pain, appetite loss, or insomnia.