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This past weekend, alongside Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge, we hosted Crystal Ballroom’s first ever Cannabis Experience.  The goal was simple; bring awareness of some of the most amazing canna-brands that Oregon has to offer to people who may have not yet had the opportunity to try their products yet.  The result was more than our team could have asked for.  Over 100 gift bags went out between the bus tours and all of the bands playing The Sabertooth Fest.  Brands like Green Bodhi and Eco Firma Farms released exclusive products that have not even hit the dispensary shelves yet, and people went home happy thanks to food from Voodoo Donuts and Sizzle Pie.

None of this would be possible without the support of the brands that partook:

CRS Pharms: .5 g. Bubblegum BHO 80.61% THC 1.82% CBD Proud to produce the purest , most potent cannabis we can for Oregon dispensaries.

IG; CRSPharms


CBD Stix Hemp & Honey: CBD Honey Sticks It is our mission at CBD Stix to provide the highest quality medication to our patients along with the finest local raw honey available at an affordable price. We believe everyone deserves to benefit from the amazing healing powers of this blessed plant.


Dave’s Space Cakes: 5MG THC Space Cakes “The Fiver” (Edibles) Gluten-free chocolate mini-cupcakes infused with medical marijuana. Available in Licensed Dispensaries through out OR.

IG: DavesSpaceCakes


Delta 9 Confections: 12MG THC Mini Caramel Corns (Edibles) An innovative bakery and cannabis processing facility located in Central Oregon. Delta 9 is dedicated to making delicious edibles, tinctures, and topical creams using only the best cannabis and concentrates.

IG: Delta_9_Confections


Empower Oils; Empower Topical Oil (Topicals) A healing blend of aromatic, therapeutic essential oils combines with Cannabis infused oil, Empower Oil is the next step in therapeutic cannabis remedies. Put it where it hurts.

IG: Empower_Bodycare


Eco Firma Farm: Pachecos 1 Gram Hand Rolled Joints (Flower) A locally owned, locally grown, company that is dedicated to the craft of producing the highest quality cannabis available. Eco Firma uses recyclable products, and exercises responsible fertilizer practices.

IG: EcoFirmaFarms


Fine and Dandies: Limited Edition 20MG THC Chai Instant Drink Mix (Edibles) Fine & Dandies creates cannabis infused confections born out of a need for an edible product that is potent, consistent, and enjoyable to consume.

Facebook: GetFineAndDandy


Genesis Pharms: 15MG THC Chocolates (Edibles) A group of compassionate people who believe in the power of cannabis and want to share it with you.

IG: Genesis_Pharms


Green Bodhi Farms: Exclusive Signature Blend Joints 33% Hash 66% Chem X Stardawg (Flower) Green Bodhi is committed to teaching the technique of Intentional Horticulture. Bringing a methodology based in the integration of compassion and wisdom, with a high level of horticultural techniques and organic nutrients.


IG: GreenBodhi

Hermetic Botanicals: Spacial Distorters Gummies 72MG Per Gummy (363MG Per Pack) (Edibles) Not for the faint hearted, these treats are low calorie, low glycemic (made with organic honey and agave), gluten free and kosher goodness with a potent kick.

IG: HermeticBotanicals

Facebook: HermeticBotanicals


Jolly Greens: Sour Hard Candies 14MG THC (Edibles) Our lozenges are created with traditional methods using organic, non-GMO ingredients.

IG: Jolly_Greens


KMCRC: Purple Train Wreck (Flower) Providing the Columbia River Gorge with a safe access point for medical cannabis, resources, and eduction


Lifted: 23MG THC Chocolate Coffee Beans / 8MG THC Hard Candies (Edibles) Lifted is a Portland based marijuana infused candy company, specializing in unique, high quality candies with designer recipes and appealing branding.

IG: Lifted_PDX


Leif Medicinals: Chai Latte & Coffee Cacao Chocolate 20MG THC (Edibles) Leif Medicinals is a small, family-owned and run company that strives to bring high quality goods to Oregon’s patients. We seek to always use responsibly sourced ingredients that are sustainable, fair trade, organic, local and/or worker focused. All products are handmade in Portland, OR.

IG: LeifMedicinals


Laughing Lotus Farms: Topical Stick & .5 Gram Indica Flower Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Laughing Lotus Farms is a collective of patients and growers. IG: Laughing_Lotus_Farms Website:

Made In Potland: Bakeons Coconut Flakes 9MG THC (Edibles) We make organic, vegan, non/gmo, foods that are free of gluten, soy, corn, peanut, tree-nuts, and other major allergens, so that all may partake.

IG: MadeInPotland

Nature’s Wizdom: 30MG Per Capsule Keif Capsules (Concentrates) Natures Wizdom has establisheda global brand of wellness products catering to patients who want to use cannabis and plant based medicinals as an alternative or accompaniment to traditional or prescription medications.

Facebook: NaturesWizdom


Raw Papers Beyond Unbleached, Raw Papers are Unrefined


7 Points Oregon: 70% THC Girl Scout Cookie Crumble 7 Points Oregon is a start-of-the-art, indoor medical marijuana facility. We use the latest technology and growing practices. We deliver the highest quality medicine available to our providers.

IG: 7PointsOregon


Sour Bhotz: 80MG Gummies (2 Pack) (Edibles) We start with a classic Pâte de Fruit recipe using organic fruit juice, organic cane sugar, premium gelatin and “The Clear Concentrate”. With only 20 calories per serving, these fat free, gluten free gummies pack a punch with 75 mg of THC +/- 10% per Bhot


IG: SourBhotz

Seeds: 10MG Chocolate Edibles Seed is a full-service, cannabis friendly event planning company founded by Sara Luna. She officially launched this aspect of the business in October 2015. Known for gourmet artisan infused products as well as anything from very simple to wonderfully opulent event themes.


Urban Fields: Jilly Bean Pre-Rolls Urban Fields is a Portland based cultivation, striving to deliver consistent, premium quality products to the Oregon medical and adult-use consumers. Our goal at Urban Fields is to grow along with our community, and we believe in the power of cannabis to unite, rejuvenate, and uplift our culture.

IG: UrbanFieldsPDX