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Eternal Tapestry performing on Saturday February 6th

Eternal Tapestry started in the fall of 2005, conceived after original members Nick Bindeman and Dewey Mahood discovered their mutual love of Sonny Sharrock and Neu! It was these two vastly different artists who helped the band’s sound take shape, free improvised guitar with structured rhythms and lots of layered ambient sound. They asked a few friends to join them in the band and so it began. Nick’s younger brother Jed moved to Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2006 and joined shortly afterwards. At this time both Nick and Jed were playing drums as part of a six piece band, making very chaotic and dark psychedelic music. A few members came and went around this time, leaving the core trio of Nick, Dewey and Jed to continue on their own. Most of the limited edition LPs released to date document this trio. In 2009 Ryan Carlile joined the band on saxophone and synth, and just in the last year Krag Likins joined as bassist, completing the current line up. The members of Eternal Tapestry are extremely active in the experimental underground. Nick explores minimal synth music as Tunnels, with an album to come on Troubleman Unlimited in 2011. In addition Nick plays guitar in the psychedelic/improv group Jackie-O Motherfucker. Dewey has recorded solo bliss out music as Plankton Wat since 2002, and explores the outer realms of dub as Edibles. Jed has played in the bi-coastal drone/rock band Heavy Winged since 2004 and has released many records with the band over the years, with the latest being a release on Type Records. He also joined Jackie-O Motherfucker as their drummer at the beginning of 2010, and plays in the minimalist/techno project Operative. Ryan plays as one half of the electronic/drone duo Cloaks. Jed and Dewey also collaborate with Barn Owl as the group Garden Sound, whose debut album came out this fall on the Digitalis label.


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