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Brett Netson & Snakes will be performing on Sunday February 7th

The solo project of BRETT NETSON, well-known for his time spent in Built To Spill, Caustic Resin, on Earth’s most recent album and much more, will debut this Winter, as BRETT NETSON & SNAKES is now preparing their Scavenger Cult EP for release.

Spawned in Idaho’s Great Basin/Snake River Plain, Brett Netson specializes in heavy, psychedelic, lowdown rock and roll guitar; in some ways, that’s all a person needs to know. But with the upcoming release of his newest full-time project – BRETT NETSON & SNAKES, and the band’s debut, Scavenger Cult – as with the artist’s ‘2009′ intimate solo doomsday meditation, Simple Work For the Dead, and all six of Caustic Resin’s full-length releases, there is much evidence that there are different dimensions to Netson’s existential, freak out rock records. “The spirit made it through with no digitization” Recorded on 2″ 16-track tape with Jason Ringelstetter at Tonic Room in Boise, Idaho, mixed to 1/2″ tape by Steve Lobdell at Audible Alchemy in Portland, Oregon with analog mastering at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, New York, the release features drummer Steve Gere, and stereo bass contributions from Ian Waters and Josh Gallaway, in addition to guitar, bass and vocals courtesy of Netson.

Issues the frontman of his latest venture, “Scavenger Cult was made specifically for the decent ‘70s tuners and turntables that you can still occasionally find at yard sales, pawn shops and thrift stores. Crank this motherfucker up, open the front door and sit on the porch. Smoke, drink, whatever, and just be okay with your damn self and ALL the crazy shit that you are.”

Scavenger Cult will see release this March on LP and digital in the US through Think Indie/Coallition Of Independent Music Stores distributor and BandCamp, and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand through TYM Records. A limited preorder of 100 LPs including a digital download and bonus tracks including live jams and alternate mixes will be available in January.

Brett Netson is well-known for his recurring role as guitar slinger/loose cannon for the populist, alt-pop/art-rock institution of Built to Spill. Since the inception of BTS, Netson has provided an element of, in the moment, conviction and color. “If you hear a slide, wah pedal or a clear vivid howl, it’s Brett.” Although he is known for his playing with Built to Spill, there’s more to that story. After Caustic Resin was put on indefinite hold in 2003, Netson joined Mark Lanegan’s touring band through 2005, hitting Europe and the US West Coast once or twice a year. Netson has also appeared on a few of Lanegan’s albums and EPs including Field Songs, Here Comes That Weird Chill, and Bubblegum. During that time he’d also played on albums from Mike Johnson and the Evildoers What Would You Do and Gone Out of Your Mind on UP records, Helvetia’s The Acrobats on The Static Cult Label, and the Delusions independently released Keeping Up Appearances. More recently, Netson appeared as a second guitarist on Earth’s critically acclaimed new album, Primitive and Deadly, and Nate Hall’s (of North Carolina’s psych/metal outfit USX) solo release, Electric Vacuum Roar.

“Despite the obvious roots, Netson obviously has no interest in recycling hoary Neil Young country-rock clichés. Rather, he seems bent on using hard rock to destroy itself. From his vocal approach, Netson seems to have a love/hate relationship with ’70s fixtures such as Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Waters, and Jethro Tull, who both inform the sound and provide something for it to react against.” – Dusted Magazine






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