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No matter the occasion, smoke ELEGANT with Rose

A Doobie, a joint, a pre-roll, a spliff, a marijuana cigarette, a “J”, a fat one, a trippy stick, a Jeffery, or even a paper plane. Whatever you call your pre-rolled joints, The Daily Leaf crew’s favorite way to “roll” is a premium roll that’s ready for the ride because we tend to always be on the go.

As of recent we found a local cannabis company called Rose Pre-Rolls. Rose uses only the highest quality top shelf hand-trimmed flower to encourage an enamored and elegant smoking experience while feeling on top of the world. With a range of strain options in the sativa, hybrid, and indica varieties, Rose caters to the various styles of cannabis consumers in search of pre-roll loud pack that is sure to pair well with any affair.

Rose’s hand-trimmed premium Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends are handpicked and selected with the user in mind. In order to supply the most enjoyable smoking experience, Rose has a myriad of flower strains. With loud packs of twelve .5g rolls, joint smokers will be set for the weekend.

Currently seasonally stocked Indica strains from Rose include Ultimate Purple, The Black, and White Tahoe Cookies. The Rose Pre-Rolls Indica Blend can be quickly coined the bouquet of bud once the box of joints is opened up. The smooth relaxing smoke of these indica spliffs are sure to calm the cranium, soothe the soul, and bathe the body in pure relaxation.

The seasonal sativa strains from Rose are coming soon but you can’t go wrong when sparking up a Rose Pre-Rolls Sativa blend pre-roll. Get ready for clarity after a subtle moment of foggy eyed sight and brazen sensations that spills over into each step. Rose grows their select sativa strains to ensure an uplifting and focused reactions that will revitalized productivity and creativity.

Rose’s Hybrid Strains that are available during the spring and summer seasons are Citral Flo and Sherbert Cream Gorilla Cookies (SCGC). By far the most aromatic of the three blends, users will be engulf with the sweetest essence and flavors. Rose Pre-Rolls Hybrid blend deliver a balanced and chill experience with a touch of alleviation and lucidity.

Stay posted and up to date on Rose Pre-Rolls drops at your local dispensaries and stay in the loop on Rose pre-roll deals here!