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Written by Sheena Beronio

With a hashtag called #RootforAustralia, Root Wellness CBD helps Australia regain back its lush beauty by launching a reforestation campaign. If successful, the campaign would yield one million planted trees in a country that’s been recently ravaged by bush fires.

Roots Wellness CBD

As per The GrowthOp, Root Wellness CBD partnered with One Tree Planted in their other vast undertaking of planting at least 10 million trees all over the world. The partnership plans to start with Australia’s reforestation as it’s one of the pressing issues now. In every CBD-infused products of Root Wellness CBD that you receive, two trees will be planted. The campaign would go on until April 2020. 

“Root Wellness was founded on the premise of making an impact on the root of environmental problems while simultaneously offering products that nourish the mind and body,” said Robert Crossley, CEO of Root Wellness CBD. He further added that “One Tree Planted will be helping us plant various types of native trees and companion plants, depending on the specific needs of each section of habitat being restored across New South Wales and Australia” in a report by The GrowthOp.

Fire ravaging Australia continues

Since 2017, Australia has been plagued with drought. On September 2019, what the mass feared the most happened. The regular bush fires had grown to forest fires. Queensland and New South Wales were the first to go as the fire rapidly engulfed the whole country.

New South Wales sustained the most injuries. Families were displaced as at least 1,500 homes erupted to flames. Aside from human injury, the fire greatly affected countless numbers of animals like Koalas, Kangaroo, and Wombats. All in all, the ecosystem of Australia is now nowhere to be found.

Firefighters in Australia, as well as volunteers from the other nations, have been fighting the fires for months now. Some firefighters can’t go back to their families of up to two weeks. 140 firefighters are deployed on fire zones and with the summer coming to Australia, one can only pray against the potential worse things to come.

In a press statement, Crossley said, “Given the current circumstances, we felt it was of absolute importance that we direct our contributions accordingly,”.

Root Wellness CBD has always been about rehabilitating the environment while providing the best possible natural products for human health. The company offers a wide range of CBD-infused products selections. 

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