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We all know that couples who smoke weed together always have more fun. But what about romance? If you want to spice up and find new and fun smoke spots, here are some places you should consider lighting up at with your partner.

On a hike

Burn away those munchies on a sunny afternoon and find a nice spot to hike like Mount Tabor, Multnomah Falls, or the Columbia River Gorge. Grab your partner and your one hitter and head outdoors. When you get to the top, light up and cherish that beautiful view together.

On a rooftop

Swap out your childhood days of sliding out of the bedroom window to get in a quick joint and blazing up under the stars. If you have a way to get to the roof, grab a six pack of your favorite beer, your pipe, make sure to not forget the munchies, and set up some blankets to make a treasured smoke spot.

At a festival

If you enjoy letting loose and getting in touch with your inner hippie, an outdoor music festival is the way to go. Your favorite band is playing,  your significant other is by your side, and you’re surrounded by thousands of cool carefree people—what could be better? Make the experience a little more romantic by hanging back or finding a more intimate spot to get baked with your partner. Enjoy all those feel-good vibes together.

By the pool

Whether you have a pool at your house or you go on a trip and take a dip in the hotel pool, and it happens to be clear of any non 420 friendly people with the exception of you and your partner, you’re all set. Doesn’t matter if you’re having a day swim under the sun, or a romantic evening swim under the moonlight, spark up and splash around together.

On a beach

The classic date has always been a “romantic walk on the beach” hasn’t it? Having a beach adventure and sharing it with your love is guaranteed to always a blast anytime of the day. So enjoy this classic beach date by smoking some top shelf buds in an isolated place, lay in the sand, get starry eyed curled up in a blanket under the big dipper and then take a midnight swim in the chilly water.

On a ferris wheel

Although it’s not the most discreet spots and you may get caught smoking, it’ll be fun to be daring and toke tough on a ferris wheel. Can’t get much better than being on top of the world while getting higher than the sky. From the amazingly gorgeous views to a big boost of feelings, trust us, it’s worth it.

Bath or hot tub

Take a fun pastime that already has amazing potential to be incredibly romantic, add a blunt and some bubbles, and you have the ultimate romantic smoke spot. Pour some steamy water and light up — it will make the experience hotter and ten times more relaxing than it already is.