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Resolution Bong Cleaning Gelis the peak of glass-cleaning power, with several amazing products designed to un-gunk the gunkiest bongs. Having just cleaned my own embarrassingly disgusting bong with their Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel, I can now, without shame, share my shiny, good-as-new bong with my guests and not have my water pipe judged in revulsion.

The directions are simple, and the results are a gamechanger when it comes to bong scuzz and ease of maintenance for our favorite pieces. Gone are the days of using salt, hot water, or the standard weak cleaners that produce inconsistent results. This product had my 3-footer shining like the day I brought it home a few years ago.

Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel comes in a resealable zip-top, so you can drop your stems or bowls in and let the magic happen. It’s fast, powerful, and convenient, and safer than traditional cleaners. It’s super easy to use and will have you back in your smoke circle in no time, a clean and twinkling bong in hand, ready to taste all the natural terpenes of your bud instead of resin from six months ago.

“Resolution hopes to excite a clean lifestyle and connect with different cultures through music, health, and people. We aim to share our enthusiasm with our customer through products that are effective and “stigma-free”. Our goal is to create a positive influence on cannabis consumption and continue to create products that serve a need in the community.ResCap is our first and original product that provides a resolve to the way your glass is cleaned, protected, traveled-with and stored. 

Resolution was launched in 2015 when a group of students decided to re-define the Colorado culture through lifestyle products. Cannabis culture has made significant strides in the past few years sparking a new style of consumer. Resolution’s products aim to fight a stigma by keeping glass clean and help build a more refined, progressive, cannabis community. At Resolution, we continue to brainstorm and create innovative products that will change how the average “cannaseur” consumes and enjoys.”