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By: Nic Turniski

My sixteen year old tear soaked eyes watched as my mother was manhandled and stuffed in the back of a cop car. This was the atmosphere and period of suffering during which the chronic2wear characters were born. Little did I know at the time, that suffering and hardship can be channeled into the catalyst for great motivation and drive. You must accept that energy does not dissipate and needs be dealt with to avoid being crushed by the negative weight. Once this is realized you can actually use the adversity to create positive energy for your passions and dreams. I channeled all my sadness and anger into my characters that brought joy to my soul and to those I shared with. Looking back in time I can see that channeling my energy in to my art was my way of acclimating and overcoming my adverse situation. Human’s ability to adapt and acclimate to severe situations is one of our most valuable traits. The main purpose of chronic2wear is to create a moment of joy and humor to help alleviate any suffering or hardship in our customer’s life’s. We can all use a stoner buddy rolling with us to lift our spirits when adversity presents itself.

Channeling my anger and sadness in to my art helped alleviate the pain but my emotional and spiritual wounds were still open. I had a lot of spiritual and emotional healing left ahead of me. The catalyst for this continued emotional and spiritual healing was another adverse event in the form of Lyme disease. Lyme disease took away my physical health and forced me to elevate my consciousness level and deal with my emotional and spiritual problems. When you are battling illness and disease you have a choice to either be a warrior or a victim. A warrior keeps their spirit and soul in good strength throughout the adverse process. A victim accepts defeat and lets their illness dictate the strength of their spirit and soul.   The essence of all human beings is our spirt and soul, opposed to how much money we make or the accolades we acquire. Keeping your spirit and soul strong throughout illness allows you to see the gifts and new perspective gained from the adversity.

Lyme disease also steered me back to art due to high periods of inactivity and solitude. When I was younger art was a critical part of my life that had been neglected due to work and other adult obligations. I knew that I had to find a way to channel my sadness and frustration over the loss of my physical health. My positive energetic solution was to I design a t-shirt called Lyme warriors to promote awareness and spread hope to other sick people. I distributed over a hundred shirts which really gave me a sense of purpose and also helped touch to lift the spirits of sick people. I would have never started drawing again if it weren’t for my illness. Lyme disease gave me the invaluable gift of steering me back to my passion in life. I have now taken it one step further and combined my passion for cannabis and art into an apparel company called chronic2wear.

I have to thank Lyme disease and the adversity in my life for giving me the perspective and spirit to pursue my dreams. There is nothing more dope in this world than chasing your dreams and following your own path. Illness and tough times allow you to be push further than you ever considered possible. I believe in the Chinese saying “One should not wish for an easy life but the courage to endure a tough one”. This courage forged from adversity will allow you to elevate your consciousness and see the world through a different lens. I send my love and compassion to all people fighting illness and I hope you can find a gift amongst the darkness as I did.