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Cloud Cover Cannabis’ latest batch of fire strains from their winter harvest shines a spotlight on  exclusively released cuts 99 Problems, Flo, and soon to be dropped strain Grape Stomper. With award winning flower under their belt, the Cloud Cover cultivation crew’s repertoire in horticulture  and crafting aficionado style flower is bypassing the concept of mainstream marijuana and catapulting rarer strains into the Oregon market. Queso Perro (which translates to Cheese Dawg) is one of the newer cultivars produced by the Cloud Cover team that is making quite the impression.

Queso Perro is one of those strains that has a boastfully pungent smell that jumps out at you when popping the top off of the container. Top dog of the cheese strains, Queso Perro has that Danish blue cheese essence with sharp pronounced notes of dill weed and a slightly salty odor, like freshly seasoned pretzels. Although that may sound like a bizarre blend of flavors, the complexity extends into the exhale with a sweetness similar to concord grapes and bing cherries. These contrasting scents make for a strong, sour taste that some users describe as unpleasant.

Queso Perro

Queso Perro from Cloud Cover combines U.K. Cheese and Dirk Diggler’s Stardawg, bred by Cloud Cover Co-founder @_j_rug_, this quick-acting euphoria driven strain initially sends users into a sativa spirited state but will suddenly slingshot many right into their element with a heavy touch of indica. From the jump, Queso Perro grabs the attention of the smoker and makes it known not to bark up the wrong tree during smoke sessions. A little goes a very long way with this deeply intense strain.The all consuming calming sensations start in top of the eyes and travels into the temples. Eventually the whole body and mindset are cradled in a captivating tranquility that fits in with a chill night in or a lowkey get together.

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