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Purchasing and acquiring high-quality glass and intricate heady pieces can be a serious endeavor as well as investment. Finding a water pipe that fits your style or justifying the funds to spend on a fashionably designed rig can make for indecisive times when discovering and deciding what glass smoking accessories best suits you. Purr Glass has been handcrafting some of the finest glass-blown products in California since 2003. A passion and dedication for creative precision for glassblowing is the backbone behind the family-founded and close community of Purr Glass. As one of the pioneering, most successful, and innovative American glassblowing brands; Purr is renowned for designing top of the line, hand-blown glass pipes, bongs, rigs, bubblers, pendants, and more.

Purr2Go Collapsible Travel Hammer Bubbler Bong & Rig Set

This bubbler isn’t the typical “take it and go” piece when there is no tabletop setting or safe stash spot to place it when the session is at a standstill. Traditionally glass bubblers are somewhat of a waterpipe steamroller fusion, allowing for smoother straight-shooting purified inhalation equating to larger lung capacity and intensified flavor. The Purr2Go is the ultimate travel size alternative to a bulky bong that won’t fit in a backpack or the dab rig that is deemed “at home only”. Out of the house activities or outdoorsy affairs call for cannabis equipment that can match up to the elements and is easy to handle. This shatter-resistant water pipe is formed out of medical-grade polycarbonate, a premium BPA free plastic, giving it a glass-like look, a lightweight feel, and extra sturdy structure. Sticking with the grandeur of a glass downstem makes all the difference when creating the distinct ripple effect when consuming the desired amount of smoke.  The main bubbler chamber, cap & mouthpiece can all be unfastened and put back together, Purr2Go is considered the first collapsible modular pipe of its kind! Now it doesn’t have to be a complicated and timely task when smoking on the fly. The Purr2Go also comes with a domeless titanium nail or a quartz nail banger backup for a twofold purpose, so whether you reach a dabbing destination or take a breather to take some rips off the bubbler it’s easy to disassemble and replace the glass pieces of this compact handheld water pipe. Now you can trek and toke without the distress of dropping your prized piece or get stuck with the stale set up for a serious smoke session.

16″ Straight Honeycomb Glass Water Bong

Talk about taking one to the lungs! Ballbusting bong hits are all you’ll encounter when braving a bowl that burns and hits silkier than the touch and feel of flower petals. The smoother the hit, the higher you’ll get! The built-in diffuser offers users fresher cleaner smoke during inhalation. The better the airflow and the higher the chance you’ll end up killing the whole bowl. The splash guard and ice notch features create chilled hits and prevent unintentional gulps of bong water. The honeycomb percolator bong won’t leave you breathless for the simple fact that it provides an additional layer of filtration purifying each puff. This bong brings smokers of all lung capacity levels a foot and a half of some of the richest, deepest, and delicate draws they’ve ever come across. Designed to diffuse your smoke for a fuller flavor, the round disc allows for cooler pulls and mega fat hits without the coughing fits.

Small Sherlock Glass Bubbler Water Pipe

The first of its kind, this fine fusion of the scientific Sherlock shape and the percolation filtration function of a bubbler, Purr has created a palm-sized water pipe that serves as a compact companion in case of necessary discretion. When lounging about in the evening Purr’s Sherlock Glass Bubbler will be safe among your snack pile and is the perfect sofa sidekick when in couch lockdown. The absence of detachable sections makes this bubbler fairly travel-worthy by lessening the chance of breakage while on the move. The curved neck of this miniature Sherlock bubbler helps block bubble splashback and fluke spills while reinforcing the flavor accents of the smoke as it is percolated. If you pack it and go, this simple setup keeps the mood modest if partaking in public places and yet shapes a basic bubbler smoke break into a slightly more sophisticated looking session. Even Sherlock Holmes himself would want to get in on your smoke circle with this nifty water pipe!