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Your Daily Leaf reviewer has recently returned home to Portland after fifteen years in other states and countries. Seeing his hometown with the eyes of a newcomer, he is unusually susceptible to some of Portland’s weirder charms. Leaving our downtown office yesterday evening, he saw a young couple on the sidewalk with a sign reading “Weed Me”. This presented a very Portland opportunity to test out a fine offering from Troutman Farms for our Purple Wreck strain review.

My company was a young Portland native, no older than 20, currently without a home. Her companion, a not-much-older gent from Alabama, was hitchhiking the country in hobo fashion, a leather cap topping off his neck tattoos.

The Daily Leaf reminds you that public consumption of cannabis will not be tolerated in the state of Oregon, so, naturally, we retired to a private location before we twisted a spliff. As we burned the doobie, the lass made obscene gestures with a phallus and testicle shaped voodoo donut that she had bummed off of a man in the street. The lad tried to pry out of me the closely guarded secret to getting paid to smoke marijuana and write about it.

When I left, I thought I hadn’t consumed enough Purple Trainwreck for this review. But this strain takes time coming on. When it arrives, the trainwreck lineage is not in doubt. It comes on hard, with sudden and pronounced euphoria that mellows after about twenty minutes into the deep relaxation that one would expect from the heavy indica ‘purple’ side of its genetics. For those who want the heavy body feel of a Grandaddy Purp or Grape Ape with a little more zip, this is an excellent choice. From personal experience, we can recommend it for street meetings with strangers that could come straight out of a Portlandia episode.

This Troutman Farms grow has a phenotypical resemblance to its hybrid Trainwreck parent, with light colored leaves and a heavy dusting of very fine yellow trichomes with a sprinkling of pale orange hairs. The aroma is more reminiscent of the strain’s other parent, the heavy indica Purple Urkle, with a dominant but not overpowering sweet and fruity tone and mild grassy undernotes.

This is a heavy weed for serious mindbending, and those who crave constant productivity may want to stay away. But for those who search for serious sedation, Purple Wreck can be relied upon.