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As we mentioned last week, we’ve recently joined hands with our first partner in Bend, The Herb Center. To celebrate the partnership, your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent headed down to the biggest Oregon city East of the Cascades to check out their well apportioned shelves. The tiny (but soon to expand) location often stocks as many as 80 strains at a time, all of which are grown in-house and indoor. We were thrilled by the apparently quality and selection, so we decided to pick up a strain that the Herb Center budtender told us was one of her favorites. We’ve never seen in anywhere else: the Purple Narkosis strain.

The densely packed buds are dark green and positively swimming in thick white trichomes and dark amber pistils. These are winners at first sight. The buds are abundantly sweet and earthy upon first sniff, but start to give off distinct fuel undertones upon grinding. It’s an abundant and fruity aroma that makes for a fantastic first impression.
We can’t find any genetic information about the Purple Narkosis strain, so we can’t tell you where it comes from. It was sold to us as a pure indica and from the smell, taste, appearance, and effect, we’d be willing to wager that it’s got some Purple Hindu Kush in it. If so, we’re happy: the Hindu Kush lineage is among our favorites for heavy indica body feel. The flower produced a sweet tasting smoke – as promised by the enthusiastic budtender – that induced no small amount of coughing. The buzz reflected the pure indica promise, with heavy sedation and relaxation absent significant cognitive impairment. We’re big fans, and we’ll probably pick up more the next time we head through Bend if we’re not tempted away by too many other offerings at the well stocked store.