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As winter slowly creeps in with our Portland December, we’ve found ourselves spending a lot of time sitting in front of a lit fireplace on late Sunday mornings, looking out upon the endless iterations of green and grey. When we find ourself in this position – coffee or cocoa in hand, blanket on knee – a warm, mellow, relaxing indica is the perfect accompaniment to our book or podcast. Yesterday, we found ourselves on SE Division (after popping by Rooks for mustache trim) and looked in on Rip City Remedies. The display of Purple Hindu Kush strain from HPS farms made for a short shopping session. It’s truly a strain for the season.

Though the purple color is more pronounced in some grows of this strain, this flower has a large, predominantly dark green bud with a dense structure and thick coating of white trichomes with a sprinkling of dark amber hairs. The fragrance is abundant and spicy with a mingling of fuel and pine, the odor of gas station on Highway 26 just after you’ve crested the pass and have begun your descent into the arid eastern Cascade basin.

The spicy pine comes through in this strain’s taste, even after combustion. The deep relaxation of the strain comes on slowly. At first, you might think it’s time to roll another. But sit on it for a minute; this one’s a creeper. When it does come on, this Purple Hindu Kush strain is going to send you straight to a couch. Or a hot tub. Or a cloud. Point is, you’ll be looking for the nearest soft and warm surface.

We also experienced a bit of dryness and heaviness in the eyes, but no excessive hunger. And despite the relaxation, we didn’t feel any pressing need to fall asleep. We simply didn’t want to move too much. Similar strains that we’ve tried recently include other Kush strains from the same region (Burmese, Nepali, Afghani) as well as Grape Ape.