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Hello There!

I’m Josh Taylor, Cannabuzz columnist at the Portland Mercury, and CEO of Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge.  We are thrilled to be partnered with The Daily Leaf, with whom we worked in November for OCC’s event “Green Friday

OCC are the official backstage Bud-Tenders and Cannabis Concierges for the Sabertooth Micro Fest on Feb. 5th, 6th, & 7th, and we want you to become involved!

Start with checking out the beers and bands to enjoy at  This is the 2nd year of what the organizers call a “psychedelicstonerockmicrobrewfest” 3 nights of amazing music – included a rare acoustic set with Mikkal Cronin, the first US appearance of Super Furry Animals in 10 years, and headlining sets from Red Fang and Built to Spill (A Full line up can be found online)

The Blasphemous Beer Fest takes place in Lola’s on Saturday and Sunday of the festival, and features 7 super rare and exciting new beers.

Heres how we’ll do this; Every day for 13 consecutive days starting today, the Daily Leaf ( will post a blog entry about one of the bands and a few of the products that are going to both the artists and Bus Tour Gift Bags.  We’re very pleased that our friends Lifted, Green Bodhi, Leaf MedicinalsHiFi Farms, Laughing Lotus Farms, Next Leaf Distribution, RAW Papers, Firefly Vaporizers, Jolly Greens, Hermetic Botanicals and so many other still be be announced are getting involved to make sure you enjoy the festival and the rest of the nights to come!

All you have to is do is enter your email to enter to win a pair of free tickets to the night of your choosing of Sabertooth! That’s it!

The Bus Tour info can be found by going to, featuring free beers, lunch, donuts, discounts at Farma and a Swag Bag of cannabis products .  You must be 21 and over though to attend

Questions? Want to WIN Tickets? Email Us at

Tickets for the VIP Bus Tour can be purchased through here