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Capital Cannabis is an Oregon based vertically integrated Producer-Processor, dominating the recreational cannabis market by developing primo products and cultivating cardinal quality flowers with a steadfast in house groundwork. A profoundly recognized name with a vertically integrated product line which includes premium preroll packs, exclusive high profile flower, and their premier run of their extremely anticipated extracts, the Capital Cannabis brand is intent on being observant and knowledgable about marijuana industry trends and how to construct consistently high quality products.

Reppin’ the traditional and patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme in a more than fashionable manner; the Capital Cannabis designed their packaging to match the prominence and standout style of the products they create which ensures they’ll never be passed up on the dispensary shelves. In addition to Capital Cannabis’ top-shelf flower, there has been a long awaited release of their seemingly exemplary extract line that will soon be available in a dispensary near you!

Making a blazing impression with their exclusive strain of the month, team Capital’s Sequoia Berry was recently highlighted in Dope Magazine as ” a delicious experience, in so many ways…a beneficial way for me to start my day, and provided me with an uplifting, buoyant aura”. We couldn’t agree more, as many of us who attended the 5th Annual Golf Tournament had a chance to scope out and learn about some of the in house strains that were showcased like the unique FlatBrainer along with the strain of the month and a classic cut of GSC.

Looking to score some stunning Sequoia Berry or any of the other commendable products coming from the Capital Cannabis crew? Be on the lookout at your local dispensaries!

Photos Courtesy of Capital Cannabis

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