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This weekend we got to be guests on one of Portland’s new rising attractions the Potlandia Bus Tours. If this is your first time hearing about this tours, you’ll want to get your calendar out and start scheduling a 420 adventure you won’t want to miss. Apart of Great Oregon Tours, this experience gets down to the heart of Portland through weed. Our guide Omar was a true treat on this tour taking us to places I, a Portland native, haven’t even been to, while being able to puff puff pass along the entire ride.
This lovely purple bus with bud leafs sprinkled all over rolls up in true Cheech and Chong style unloading an amazing plume of smoke once the door opens. Along with our incredible guide Omar coming out to indulge our understanding of marijuana and the city of Portland itself. As we load on to the bus it is apparent that the vehicle is made for the comfort of any stoner. Ash trays in ever corner, rolling papers and lighters (just in case you didn’t bring yours), and not forgetting the munchies and water to hold you over in-between stops. Topping it off with bud lined interior, pot leafs on the seats, every thing about this bus embraced smoking openly.

To begin the tour Omar invited and reminded everyone to feel completely free and safe to step away from the normal fear that has been placed over the idea of the use of marijuana. Even with marijuana making its come back into the norm of society, it is still illegal in most states and on a federal level. In that still being a fact, most people still feel they are committing some kind of criminal act… but not on this bus! This tour truly wants you to feel pleased and relaxed with partaking in our legal community, while also realizing we are seeing a beautiful beginning to people not just coming forward and sharing, but a growth in economic and cultural opportunities.

As Omar began our rad stoney adventure, he not only shared the cannabis side of Portland, but also shared some history of Portland itself. Headed towards our first stop, (Bridge City Collective), we were educated about the name bridge city, along with the changes that north Portland has seen in recent years. Good flower and gifts bags from Bridge City Collective kept us going to our next stop. Comfortably passing joints the entire time on the bus put us all in the perfect head space to stop at Peninsula Park, the original Portland Rose Garden. So many different colors took over the landscape with the warm sun making this stop a great photography opportunity on the tour. Omar knew exactly what a group of stoners needed after outside enlightenment and we made our way to Ruby Jewel Scoops for phenomenal cookie ice cream sandwiches. We next headed right across the street to Storm Breaker brewery to check out their beer selection. Beer and ice cream on a nice Portland day made this the perfect afternoon stoner stop.

Continuing on our stoney tour through the city, still puffing and passing along our merry way. We make another stop at the ever relaxing Laurelhurst Park, a great stop to enjoy the weather and walk off that ice cream sandwich. Our guide still sharing lovely facts and showing the ever curious out-of-townies in our group the surprising features of Portland. Our quiet, zen filled walk set the perfect tone to head towards the ever famous food carts. Omar being the man with a plan took us to some food carts just a block away from one of my new favorite breweries; Coalition.

While this brewery has a lovely selection of beers they happen to be one of the only breweries where you can find hemp and CBD infused beers. Which I got the pleasure of tasting the sour ale. Not only is the beer good but, the people at Coalition are very friendly and informative. Explaining their process and their flavors well enough for everyone to know what they wanted a taste of.

Everyone pleased with their beer and full from lunch, Omar loaded us back on to the bus to end our 4 hr and 20 min tour (yes everything about this bus is 420 friendly even the timing) back at base camp to continue your own stoney adventure through the city. With the awesome stoner goodie filled bus and the ever rad and informative guide Omar, this tour is sure to fill your needs for an authentic Potlandia experience. From dispensaries to breweries, and whether you are from the city or new to the city, this tour is one you definitely want to schedule soon.
Did I mention they did parties?