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For this years Portland 420 we wanted to bring back the deals! We teamed up with Urban Pharms and Mirth Provisions for 420 and for just $30 customers could score a 1/4 oz and a full gram cartridge from Urban Pharms or rack up 4 Giants for $20 from Mirth Provisions. In addition to some outstanding deals, our annual 420 giveaway included items that were hand selected to give our 420 friends a high quality selection of cannabis products with a huge dose of variety. We had everything from a butter maker to high-end glass to get you high on your favorite holiday.

For 420 weekend The Daily Leaf crew made the rounds around town to do some dispensary hopping and check out all the high flying activities in celebration of one of our most beloved holidaze. Scouring the city for all the deals and scoping out the scene to see who had 5 on it, hash hunters and munchie junkies alike were sparking up spliffs at high noon in the Saturday sun at numerous 420 bashes being held all throughout Oregon. Since it was happy hour all weekend long, here’s a recap of all the festivities and the best 420 deals we found during our 420 outing.

The best bulk deals for the weekend came courtesy of Oregon Cannabis Outlet with ounces of top shelf bud for only $29 and 42% off everything in the shop! RKO was next up with $42 ounces of premium cannabis, and Alternative Remedies had $100 ounces Oregrown flower. Trees Dispensary had one of the best dab deals with $7 grams of wax and shatter, plus $30 ounces, and $10 quarters. Doctor’s Orders had the cartridge deal of the weekend with $19 full gram cartridges from Exhale. While the finest 1 gram flower deals came from Tree PDX at $3 a gram and the whole Amberlight menu had grams for $5.

Natural Remedies had a free all day vegetarian friendly BBQ and a dab bar sponsored by Got Smoke. Free gift bags were handed out to first 100 people that arrived, and a pelican e-nail raffle was held. As for deals, there were $48 ounces of Cloud Cover and Folium Farms flower available and quarter ounces of premium cannabis flower from various cultivars from $25-36.

Over in North Portland, The New Amsterdam hosted a 420 party of their own that featured a ice dab rig, a 2 for 1 eighth deal on all flower, tons of swag, and a joint rolling station so people could light up without hesitation. Greeley Gallery, which is just about a mile away, was offering $40 ounces of Jilly Bean, Royal Highness, NY Diesel, and Afgani Skunk out the door.

Since Pizza Week was in full effect in Portland through April 20th, Uplift botanicals took advantage and offered customers a free slice of Hot Lips with purchase, 10-15% off the entire store, $25 eighths, and a vendor day with Wyld from 6pm-8pm. Those who had more of a hankering for something sweet, along with the munchie junkies, could hit up Wild West Emporium for some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The 1st 100 people got scoops of ice cream for free. Best Budz even had an all-out-cookout with chefs from four different restaurants showcasing mouthfuls of non-medicated morsels and a cannabis karaoke contest.

Over at NW Compassion, the 420 fiesta started early with cannabis gummies for $4.20 on Friday due to being on the actual holiday. If anyone’s tastebuds needed refreshing, Coalition Brewing Co. threw their 2nd Annual Two Flowers CBD Beer Fest and presented multiple CBD beers on tap, live music, jerk chicken from The Jamaican House, a 420 toast, games and prizes throughout the day, and even a terpene sensory station run by True Terpenes.

Stumptown held down the town with a 3 gram extracts deal for $30, a definite steal on prerolls where customers could get four 1 gram joints for just $10. In addition to a bunch of big time bargains, Chick-Fil-A, Voodoo Donuts, and Toadstool Cupcakes were in the house catering to the public. Floyd’s Finest stole the show with their $1 joints and $5 eighths of primo while celebrating with music and prizes.

This year’s Portland 420 was a surefire success with tons of heavily medicated hoopla, blazing blowout sales, dabtastic deals, spliff-spirited shindigs, and hordes of high and happy people from the cannabis community celebrating marijuana liberation. We look forward to next year’s 420 and can’t wait to see how the cannabis industry and community continues to flourish.

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