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POP Naturals is focused and devoted to supplying patients with the purest medicine at an affordable cost. Their mission is to produce the cleanest, safest, most consistent, premium-quality CBD and THC medicine they can and offer it at the lowest cost possible, so they can help patients have more affordable access to the medicine they need. With the industry being highly unregulated, they are also dedicated to raising the standard in the quality of their products and patient education and set the standard in creating a higher code of ethics for businesses in the industry to follow.

Unlike most competing pre-filled cartridges and hash oils, POP Natural products are solvent free (solventless), meaning it doesn’t contain any traces of butane, alcohol, glycol, or glycerin. Instead, the cannabinoids are collected during CO2 extraction, which produces an oil that is a lot easier to inhale with less or no harshness at all. They fully believe in the medicinal properties of THC and CBD and the various ways patient’s health can benefit. Their hope is to greatly improve the lives of others by providing pure, unaltered CO2 extracted cannabis oil high in THC, CBD, and natural terpenes.  

The CO2 oil is syrupy enough to be applied anywhere but it is not as sticky as other concentrates (like budder, shatter, or waxes). All POP Naturals CO2 oils are lab tested by SC Labs, a lab-testing and cannabis research facility based in southern California. Because of its high concentration of both THC and CBD, you only need a very small amount of oil to reach your desired effect. When vaporizing, the oil has an immediate effect, and is remarkably smooth and easy to inhale, with a flavor that is really similar to fruity spearmint.


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