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For over five years Spokane based vape tech developer Kung Fu Vapes has been supplying arguably the most revolutionized series of vaporizer accessories and apparatuses designed solely for fellow concentrate and cartridge connoisseurs. In addition to leading the progression and incline of popularity of concentrate consumption; Kung Fu Vapes is a true titan in the vaporizer technology market and are established designers of elite products that are the future of vapes. The brand new Pocket Rig 4.0 is exemplary of Kung Fu Vapes’ expertise of innovating high end reusable and disposable vaporizer solutions for dabbers and vapers all over the PNW.

Kung Fu Vapes Fourth generation Pocket Rig (The Pocket Rig 4.0) is the finest handheld pocket-sized dab pen available on the cannabis concentrates and extracts market. Incorporating futuristic features and functions, the Pocket Rig 4.0 delivers game changing cloud chasing all in a 3 inch tall mini mod. The specs of the Pocket Rig 4.0 by Kung Fu Vapes are the first of their kind and an exceptional example of the leading-edge enhancements for vape based products.

Pocket Rig 4.0 New Features:

  • Haptic Feedback Smart Battery that vibrates upon vaporization.
  • Strongest 510 Universal Mag Adapter in the cannabis industry
  • 4 Voltage Variation Settings Starting at 2.7V
  • 20 second Fire Time aka Rage Mode
  • Ceramic heating core warms the entire cart in just 20 seconds which is optimal for great for cold weather and outdoor activities or high viscosity cannabis concentrates
  • 20 watt rapid charger that fully charges the battery from dead to 100% in 20 minutes
  • 900 mah battery allows for 2 weeks worth of battery power with heavy use
  • Type C usb charging port
  • Backlit Power Button
  • OLED Display

With well-established artistry and utilizing advanced engineering practices, Kung Fu Vapes sets the standard for providing consumers with sophisticated and flawless vape gadgets that will reinvent the vaporizer industry and place higher expectations on overall quality. Kung Fu Vapes aims to be more than just a household name amongst all vapor customers universally.