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Looking Glass Farms is the official indoor farm of Looking Glass Extracts based in Portland, OR. Primarily known for producing an award winning line of extracts, Looking Glass is also focused on cultivating top shelf flower for the Oregon recreational market. Plushberry Kush is the first of a couple Looking Glass Farms strains that have recently hit dispensary shelves. Looking Glass Farms Plushberry Kush falls into the indica dominant category, but is still considered a well balanced indica with adaptable characteristics for any mood or occasion.

Looking Glass casts a clear-cut spotlight on the terpene profiles of their top-drawer flower. The Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen combination of Plushberry breeds a montage of smells that can be challenging to distinguish at first. Swells of sage, basil, and mint surge on the surface of the Plushberry buds because of the terpene Ocimene Isomer II found in fruits and plants. Crumbling up a signature plush and spongy nug of Plushberry Kush will reveal to consumers half the reason for its name. Ground up Plushberry buds bear resemblance to fresh picked flowers and lime juice, with hints of grape soda and pine. Plushberry has a myriad of flavors that it presents from a deep puff or two. The cherry and berry essence that are masked by the spicier notes of the Plushberry become more prominent. These fruitier tones matched with the zesty aftertaste make Plushberry a stand out strain flavorwise.

Plushberry Kush from Looking Glass Farms is one of those all day everyday type of strains. Light doses of this strain will induce an immediate creative energy and a head high that creates a bit of heaviness below the eyelids without the drowsy effect. Indica attributes arise and initiate a softening of the muscles and settles tension and bouts of anxiousness. The versatility of Plushberry makes it a great rainy day strain or perfect for a chill day on the beach. Applicable for all affairs, Plusberry is suitable for the morning wake and bake routine, a midday mellow out, or an evening wind down.