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One of the benefits of working at the Daily Leaf is being right around the corner from Serra’s downtown location. It’s not our go-to for bulk purchases, but when we’re looking for a gram of variety, we like to pop in to what might be Portland’s most beautiful dispensary. Today, we had almost finished our transaction when Pruf Cultivar’s gorgeous Pink 92 strain caught our eyes.

We understand that, as a professional obligation, we look at a whole lot of marijuana. And so not everybody is going to care about the aesthetic experience of their cannabis consumption quite as much as we do. But if you’re looking for a smokable that will look as good as it feels, Pink 92 should be at the head of your list. While some purple strains darken only at the tips of the flower, this deeply colored bud is composed of a marbled purple and sage pattern that continues down to the stem.

The medium density buds are coated in a thick sand of pale trichomes with a forest of orange hairs. The strain’s odor is pungent, but not reminiscent of a typical cannabis scent. Instead, it has a heavy, slightly bitter, earthy overtone reminiscent of brewing kava with hints of spice that come through in the taste during combustion.

The strain comes from proprietary Pruf Cultivar breeding, so we’re not sure of the genetics. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised – based on both phenotype and experience – if this shares some of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage. This is not marijuana for occasional smokers. It’s a fast heavy hitter with physical sedation and significant cerebral euphoria. For those looking for a powerful strain that doesn’t tend too strongly towards anxiety, this is one of the best choices we’ve come across in recent months. We’d pair it with a soft sofa and sci-fi.