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Phantom Farms is offering some of the finest cannabis products around, and I was able to try out several of their pre-rolls, each with different yet satisfactory results.

First up is their Champagne Diesel joint 2-pack. A sativa that clocks in at around 20% THC, Champagne Diesel is a potent, heady high that’s great for creative or outdoor activities. After smoking one of these guys with two friends, we were all beyond baked and looking forward to the second pre-roll.

Next is their Cascade Lemonade, which is a great joint for daytime, or novice smokers, as its THC yield is 11%. Not the level of potency needed to impress this reviewer, but it is obviously quality cannabis in a finely-crafted joint.

Finally, we have Phantom Farms’ high-CBD Frank’s Gift pre-rolls, and if you’ve read any of my previous reviews for CBD products you’ll know how much of a fan I am of it as medicine for anxiety and pain. These joints carry just 5% THC, but its real selling point is obviously its 10% CBD, making it a fantastic treat for any time of day or night, for a variety of symptoms and ailments.

Depending on your needs, Phantom Farm has you covered with one or more of these products.


The Content- High-quality, locally-harvested and processed cannabis. 8/10

The Packaging- Each joint or 2-pack comes in a branded plastic tube for safe traveling and freshness. 9/10

The Smell Before Smoking- Each tube releases a pleasant aroma upon opening, varying depending on potency and strain. 8/10

The Pre-Roll Pack- Each joint is excellently-rolled with care. 9/10

The Taste- Each strain varies, but none taste unpleasant. All are pretty tasty in their own ways. 8/10

The Burn-Thru- Each joint burned well, with no runners or uneven spots to cause them to go out prematurely. 9/10


About Phantom Farms:

Phantom Farms, a licensed recreational cannabis producer, was founded in Oregon in 2008 on the principle that the best products come straight from the earth. We cultivate Clean Green Certified® cannabis using organic methods, sustainable practices and volcanic filtered water in both our indoor and outdoor facilities. No exceptions. When aligned, these factors provide for a flourishing ecosystem – the perfect environment for mighty tasty cannabis.