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We’ve recently had the opportunity to talk with Periodic Edibles and learn more about their edible caramels that they have been a staple in the Oregon way before there was a recreational market.  Period Edibles uses strain specific cannabutter to infuse their amazing caramels, which sets them apart from other edible makers.  Cannabutter allows for Periodic Edibles to infuse their edibles with the THC and CBD present in a flower as well as that strains’ terpenes.

Right now on their caramel menu is the Sativa Orange Vanilla infused with the Cinex strain, the Indica Sea Salt infused with the Blackberry Kush strain, and the CBD Sea Salt infused with the Harlequin strain. You’ll want to keep your eye out for the upcoming Vegan Coconut caramel that is expected to release at the end of 2017. All of Periodic Edibles products are tested by Oregon’s first ORELAP accredited and OLCC licensed cannabis laboratory, Green Leaf Labs.

Sampling the Sativa and Indica caramels was a very tasteful and mellow experience for your local Daily Leaf corresponder. I decided to try the Sativa inspired Orange Vanilla to start. Being that I was planning to power through two of these caramels, I figured to go with the one that I assume would give me slightly more energy, and then knock out with the indica.  Being that I deal with chronic pain, this edible caramel made my bones relax, and allowed for my body to feel more energetic that usual.

Starting with the sativa was smart because after I consumed the indica sea salt caramel, my body was left feeling weightless and heavy: perfect for a Sunday on the couch!  Glad I was able to get some laundry done earlier in the day off the high of the Orange Vanilla.  A total mellow high, this rich caramel and cannabis treat quickly became a new favorite. I enjoyed the heavy cannabis taste, as most stoners would, and truly felt like my body and mind were at ease. I started this caramel off with half, or 25 mg, and finished the other 25mg within the hour. Sleeping was more than easy that night as I relaxed with a good movie and drifted off to an amazing deep sleep.

Be sure to keep your eye our for Periodic Edibles amazing treats as they can help with an abundance of your mind and body’s needs.

You can also catch CEO of Period Edibles Wayne Schwind on his new Podcast Periodic Effects