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Perhaps it’s the winter cold, but we can’t seem to get enough of the variety of tropical fruit inspired strains that are popping up all over Oregon’s dispensary shelves. Our recent favorite has been Ruby Farms’ Guava Kush, but we’re always up for a hit of The Oregon Weedery’s proprietary Pineapple Kush grow. But the latest tropical strain to make its way onto our radar is via the fine gram of Papaya strain that we picked up today from Yerba Buena Farms.

These buds are long and dense gems, with light colored leaves awash in an abundance of yellow trichomes and long, lush, and light amber pistils curling off of the bud like lashes lapped by the world’s most effective mascara. Unlike in the case of that well named Guava Kush, we fail to detect substantial hints of papaya in this strain. But those who have spent extended stays in the tropics will be well aware that papayas give off very little fragrance. This green bud is more odiferous, offering a definite hint of fruit with a finishing note of abundant pepper.
The heavily indica dominant hybrid does all the things that a good indicia is supposed to: extreme relaxation and stress relief without excessive straining of the mental faculties. It’s a powerhouse grow that’s sure to bowl over the novice user. But for those accustomed to heavy sedation, it’s a good choice when you want to feel slow but think fast. Our Serra budtender told us that Afghani was present in the strain’s lineage, and we feel that classic indica relaxations, akin to many of the heavy kush strains that emerge from that region. Fans of Hindu Kush, Burmese Kush, Purple Kush, Nepali Kush, and the many crosses of those plants are likely to find a friend with this Papaya strain.