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It’s been a while, so we no longer get that excited glow every time we walk into a dispensary. To a certain extent, the act of going to the store to buy a sack has become normalized in green states. Every now and then, however, we still get the thrill of a marijuana transaction that hasn’t yet entered into our everyday existence. We felt that way when we paid for a weed purchase with our phone (something we still don’t think you can do in Oregon), and we imagine future users of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program will feel it, too. The OMMP is now accepting medical marijuana applications online.

Before you get too excited, you still have to get a doctor’s note the old fashioned way, which doesn’t present much of a challenge. But once you’ve got your doctor’s go ahead, the entire application can be submitted through the OMMP web form and payment can be made through credit or debit cards. For those who are unable or unwilling to use the internet, applications can still be made by mail or dropped off at the OMMP office.

We’re happy to see the OMMP catching up with solid e-governance measures that are likely to reduce costs and increase patient convenience. The greatest upside of the move, however, may be that patients will enjoy faster access to medical marijuana than through the paper application procedure. Because patients are able to access dispensaries with a temporary 30-day receipt upon processing of application fee, they can be ready to purchase within hours of having a doctor’s recommendation in hand.
The application fee remains $200 for a standard first time patient card with a reduced application fee schedule for some qualifying patients. Patients who elect to have a third party grower under their application must pay an additional $200 for the growing site permit.