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Since Oregon went recreational, a lot of local residents have mentioned that they really want their weed and they want it now. Much to our surprise, the nation’s first recreational marijuana drive thru is due to open on 420 in Gold Beach (located down by the California border on the Pacific). According to OregonLive, Green Life Oregon is prepared to open their dispensary drive-up right across the street from the local hospital.

Although Gold Beach’s speedy potshop drive-thru isn’t the country’s first marijuana drive-thru (no prescription necessary), it is however the first of its kind on the recreational side of things. Supposedly there is one medical-only drive-thru in Olympia, and others located in Detroit as well.

The overall notion isn’t one that is completely ludicrous. The drive-up window (which we mentioned earlier, is located across from a hospital) is intended to be similar to a drive-thru pharmacy. Indeed, weed-on-the-go isn’t meant just for those that have medical ailments. All are welcome and this soon-to-be hotspot will definitely attract tourist passing through.

Curry County Economic Development Director Julie Schmelzer tells Oregon Live “I believe this venture is going to be quite an asset to the area”, Schmelzer also voiced that this could “help Gold Beach and the southwestern coast become a destination for those interested in the new green tourism.”

The dispensary could be a breath of fresh air and bring some new life into the small coastal town, which, according to Oregon Live, “has experienced some economic hardship of late”.


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