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In an great effort to keep the local and Oregon cannabis community further informed and eliminate potential rumors, The Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild has provided the following information based-on two Board member’s recent inspections from the Oregon Health Authority.

The Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild made it clear in that this information “is in no way to be construed as legal advice, or a guarantee of what may be asked-for at your site.

As of right now there are two inspectors in Southern Oregon from the OHA. Their plan is to conduct site inspections for the next week or so. They also intend on beginning their inspections with the largest grows first, especially those that have been grandfathered. It’s expected that they will be in the area until the middle of October, then head back to Portland.

The Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild reports that both inspections went along smoothly and that the inspectors DO have authorization to enter your property, with your permission. The report did mention that the inspectors called ahead of time, asked for access to the property or site, and that they were even willing to reschedule to the next day for one grower who had medical appointments. They also rescheduled another appointment to later in the day for a grower that was unavailable when they called in the morning. Do note: Inspectors are not giving “advance notice” of any kind, according to The Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild report.

According to The OSGG, “if you continually refuse to give them access, they can get an “Administrative Warrant” from the OHA and enter with law enforcement. They can also pull your cards and deny your ability to grow on the property if you refuse to allow inspections.” However, The OSGG said that so far they’ve haven’t seen any reason to be in fear of them and when inspectors arrive on site they ask if you would like them to “suit-up” (jump-suits/booties) to reduce the spread of contamination from other sites they have visited. The report stated the following in order to help prepare other grows that will be inspected in the future:

Have your patient cards on-hand because they arrive with a master list of your patient and grower names.
1. They will have their list, and you will need to read them the names of your current patients in order for them to cross-reference.
2. Make sure your cards are current, or in-process at the OHA.
OSGG report notes that one Board member had a patient’s “Safety packet” and green Certified Mail receipt, but not the current Grower card. Even so, the inspectors said they realize that they are behind on issuing cards and that was fine. Another member had the renewal application for a patient without the Certified Mail receipt, which the inspectors also accepted. Because it was in-process, that’s what inspectors wanted to see.

According to the report, inspectors also explained that they want to see EACH PLANT LABELED with the:
1. The grower’s card number
2. the patient card number
3. The grower’s name.

Inspectors have said that most grow sites they have visited have a code or map that is connected to a specific plant. They then cross-reference and refer to that “maser list”, if that’s what you have. They also said having each patient’s plants roped off separately with that information for the group was okay. A code or map is all that is legally required, but having each plant labeled will help speed up the inspection. In order to count plants, inspectors will then split-up and each do a walk-through the garden and take pictures. This has to be equal to or fewer than what you are Grandfathered for (if applicable) and what you have current Grower cards for.

As told by the report, the inspectors stated that once plants are cut down and “no longer growing” so those do not count toward the plant counts. To the OSSG’s knowledge, the focus was on the outdoor plants and cards at both sites and that they did NOT ask for access to the house or living area and the DO NOT have the right to inspect inside your house.

They are, however, expected to have a total of 7 people on their inspection staff for next year, including 2 people assigned to southern Oregon. This is the same staff that inspects OHA dispensaries and processors, and they expect to have most of their staff focusing on outdoor grows late September through early October of next year. For now there are two inspectors in the area, their names are Stephen Pfuhl and Christopher Westfall. They called one grower from the cell number 971-344-4779, and appear to be doing inspections from about 8 AM until sometime in the evening.

All information from The Oregon SunGrowers Guild

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