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Oregon regulators are highly concentrated on introducing a new set of rules that are a little on the prudent side, in hopes of lowering the potency of marijuana edibles. This includes cookies, candies, drinks and other consumables.

The Oregonian mentioned that one of the primary concerns are the inexperienced users, who may not be as educated on marijuana-infused products. A great example is a first time user trying a marijuana-infused chocolate bar that contains more than one dosage, unaware that they are consuming too much marijuana. This can be especially troubling because some marijuana-infused products don’t always take effect right away. This can lead to inexperienced users ingesting more servings than necessary, which could lead to a really bad trip.

Another crucial point is doing everything possible to prevent edibles being accessible to children. Most of these kids probably wouldn’t know any better and wouldn’t bother reading warnings on the packaging. The Oregon rules mandate that edible packaging must be sold in child-resistant packaging. The rules also state that packaging cannot display cartoons or superheroes that could be appealing to youth. State officials also have plans to require that marijuana products bear a universal warning sign — a picture of a marijuana leaf next to an exclamation mark reported The Corvallis Gazette Times.

The Oregon rules in regards to edibles is extensive enough to make sure that the marijuana-infused products are properly labeled and presents how much is in one serving. For instance, the chocolate bar mentioned earlier could be purchased by recreational users but could only consist of  5 milligram servings. The packaging of the bar would have to properly labeled to clearly indicate the size of a single serving. All together the whole chocolate bar can only have a total of 50 milligrams of THC — 10 servings in all.

Advocates within the Oregon cannabis industry said the proposal is ludicrous and directly that hinders the sustenance of edible producers and any other marijuana product businesses who infuse their products with cannabis. They also suggest that potential customers won’t be half as interested in purchasing edibles with lowered THC content or stockpiling marijuana treats to get high.

Advocates have also said that making sure your kids don’t have any access to these types of products is a major priority, and that the potency of the products isn’t going to do much to ensure that.

“I mean, a lot of this is really just proper parenting,” said John Bayes, a longtime grower and owner of Green Bodhi, a medical cannabis business in Eugene and Portland.

However, Oregon does not limit the types of marijuana-infused products that are able be purchased to recreational consumers, only how they are packaged and labeled.

In Oregon, state health officials have expectation of finalizing rules for serving sizes by summer.


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