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Earlier this month, the the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced that it had clarified laws regarding cannabis strain names in the state. Though they didn’t name all strain names that were prohibited , they did name a number of them.

The purpose of the legislation is to avoid strain names that might be appealing to minors: it prohibits names featuring the names of children’s toys or characters, those named after children’s food products, and those with “misleading names.”

It is important to note before we get scared that we’ll lose some well-loved strains (Girl Scout Cookies, which was the sixth most popular strain in Oregon in 2016, comes to mind), the strains themselves aren’t illegal. There is room for growers and dispensaries to rename or use abbreviations to avoid infringing on the law. In other words, your favorite strains might just come under a pseudonym, but won’t disappear completely.

Only 11 strains were officially named by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission:

1. Incredible Hulk
2. Ewok
3. Optimus Prime
4. Light Saber
5. Any Girl Scout Cookie – Dosidos, Thin Mints, etc.
6. Frosted Flakes
7. Lucky Charms
8. Skittles
9. Green Crack
10. Opium
11. Special K

But don’t presume that because something isn’t on the list, it’s fine: the OLCC’s update is intended to be a guidance, so any strains that fit in the categories listed above should assume another identity if they want to keep being sold and smoked in Oregon. It might get confusing to navigate

It might get confusing to navigate a world where certain favorite strains are going by a different name, but we’ll try to keep you updated on what growers and dispensaries decide to do to comply with this new clarification. After all, quite a few favorite strains have names motivated by nostalgia, superhero names seem to be particularly popular, and our favorite munchies, which are apparently children’s cereals.