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This past summer we saw huge wildfires tear through our beloved and peaceful Gorge, but hit harder than in Oregon was the wildfires that burned through California.  As recreational cannabis starts its legalization process in California, many cannabis growers have lost everything, and do not qualify for federal emergency relief funds due to the federal illegality of cannabis. That is why a handful of Oregon cannabis businesses partnered with the California Growers Association to create Buds Without Borders, a fundraiser to raise money for the growers who have nowhere to turn.

“Many of us in Oregon’s cannabis community have friends and family in Northern California who not only lost their homes, possessions and in some cases their pets but also their savings and their businesses.  Many of these people were growers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties who had their entire life savings invested in California’s upcoming recreational cannabis program.  To imagine losing everything including your facility a few short months before licensing is beyond comprehension”, says Alexa Divett one of the sponsors of the fundraiser.

Ultimately, Buds Without Borders hopes to make sure that no California grower, who was working towards the legal recreational market, is denied a recreational license due to the wildfire hardships.

This is a tremendous effort put forth by The Oregon Cannabis Association, The California Growers Association, Pure Green, Alexa Divett, and Phylos Bioscience. Phylos has also generously agreed to donate an $8k matching grant.

To help Buds Without Borders, and our fellow Californian growers, you can donate today. The fundraiser launched on this past Tuesday, which has been dubbed “Giving Tuesday.”  Following Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is set up to encourage people to give back and donate to charitable causes.

Buds Without Borders Website: Find Out More On How To Donate And Get Involved