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As of January 5, The Oregon Liquor Control Commission(OLCC) is enacting new rules for hemp regulation. Hemp was previously regulated by The Department of Agriculture. The new law left hemp in a state of limbo from the end of 2017 until today, when the new rules were officially announced.

The new state law requires hemp growers or processors to obtain an OLCC certificate to bring their products into the OLCC system. Also, OLCC-licensed marijuana processors will need a special endorsement to process hemp.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture already licenses hemp growers, processors (called handlers) and seed providers. The state online database shows 53 industrial hemp growers in the state, including five in Deschutes County. Another 20 are licensed to process industrial hemp, two in Deschutes County.

In addition to publishing new rules, the commission expects this week to have forms available for hemp growers and handlers to apply for certification. Only hard copies of those forms will be available, Pettinger said Wednesday. He said the OLCC system is not yet equipped to process the applications online.

Hemp Products in the OLCC System

Approval Process Coming January 5th

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission recently adopted rules for the regulation of hemp and hemp products that enter the OLCC licensed recreational marijuana system.  The rules took effect December 28, 2017.

On or before Friday, January 5, 2018 the OLCC will publish the administrative process and forms for existing OLCC marijuana licensed processors, and Oregon Department of Agriculture approved hemp growers and handlers, to follow to obtain approval to bring hemp into the OLCC system.

The framework for the OLCC’s hemp rules were developed after the passage of Oregon Senate Bill 1015.  The OLCC held meetings in August and October 2017 with members of the hemp industry to discuss, review and adjust proposed rules.

The OLCC held a public hearing on the proposed rules on November 15, 2017, and a public comment period extended after the hearing to closure on November 29, 2017..

OLCC marijuana licensees and other interested parties will be notified when the administrative process and forms are posted to the OLCC recreational marijuana website.